Hotline - quick answers to your questions

We appreciate your interest in BilderBox! Here you can find the most important questions and answers. Delivery only for commercial use. For example, Editorial offices, businesses, industry, offices and authorities. All prices plus VAT.

How long is the password to enable registration?
You will receive a confirmation email after registration with an activation link. After confirming this link, the password is active and you can pay with paypal / credit card. After this you can download your image and the bill.

What format / size of the images to be delivered?
JPG format. The exact image size is on the preview.

Which copyright is to be used?

Can I edit the images?

What about the rights of persons and objects protected?
Our images are intended for editorial use.
For images with people, trademarks, copyrighted designs, interior shots of buildings, etc. show,  please ask necessarily BEFORE USE FOR ADVERTISING!
IMPORTANT: For all publications with people no texts / captions may be used which do not correspond to the meaning of the image. The people shall not be placed in the vicinity of religious affiliation or political parties, or be defamed or slandered in the text or caption. The photos can no be published with any texts, which the people feel insulted or discriminated against. The use of images with people is forbidden in media with sexual or pornographic content, this is especially true for Internet publications.
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